Brass, RedBrass and Ecocast Armatures for OEM Original Equipment Manufacturers

High economic efficiency and flexibility

...makes our manufacturing special.

A fast remanufacture of articles by an own toolshop, modern foundry appliances and inducation furnace, high casting capacities and a powerful NC-manufacturing centre are the advantages for the customers of Bender.

Further we offer our service which contains leakage tests, an individually assembling and reliable logistic.

Bender – A family business

...always at your disposal.

Tradition coupled with innovation is the formula that makes the family enterprise Bender Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG so successful. Since 1934 we have specialized in production and permanent development of shut-off fittings and distributor fittings made of high-grade materials.

Thanks to our about 150 employees, modern technology and a full own plant we develop, construct and fabricate high-quality fittings and casting for customers, with the quality seal of “Made in Germany”, from a single source at the site in Lennestadt.

We appreciate short ways and personal communication. So please use the direct contact to our sales representatives for your personal consult, for questions or technical support.

Construction & Tool shop

...a factor of independence and flexibility.

  • own development and construction with SolidWorks (3D Construction)
  • short realization of requirements and wishes of customers
  • detection and implementation of room for improvement
  • in-house production of casting appliances
  • Production of Manufacturing tools
  • jigmaking and small plant production

This allows quickest possible production of articles, short response times and feasibility of special solutions.
Please feel free to contact us.

Made in Germany

...we ensure quality and flexibility.

  • metal materials acc. to currently valid UBA positive list
  • dezincification-resistant Casting Brass (CC770S): approx. 1800 t gross weight per year
  • Forging Brass (CW617N): approx. 250 t gross weight per year
  • Red-brass (CC499K): approx. 500 t gross weight per year
  • Ecomerica (CW511L): approx. 100 t gross weight per year
  • Cuphin (CW724R): approx. 150 t gross weight per year
  • Casting capacity 2400 t of 4 furnaces with 3 casting machines

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